The World Wars

Join us in 2022, when we commemorate the anniversaries of the endings of The World Wars on a special Spotlight sailing from London to Amsterdam. Glean new insights from producers of the four major PBS series on the histories of The Great War, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War in honor of the anniversaries of these significant, 20th-century U.S. conflicts. Invited to speak on these great works are Erik Ewers, Stephen Ives, Stephanie Carter and LTG (Ret.) Daniel W. Christman. Enjoy captivating presentations, private dinners, screenings, a special excursion to the Battlefields of Normandy and more.

„Vive la Vie“: 10 Tage Reise mit der „Seven Seas Voyager“ von Southampton bis Amsterdam, Suite für zwei Personen, Vollpension, Getränke, 23.8.-2.9.2022 jetzt für 7’151 Franken pro Person (statt 10’609 Franken). Bequem buchen bei uns im l’tur Reise-Shop Bern an der Kramgasse 77 oder direkt hier.